We Provide Mobile Axe Throwing in Michgan!

Bring the thrill of axe throwing anywhere. We build mobile lanes specifically for your private events. Outdoors and indoors, Warrior Throwing will elevate any event. Whether it’s for a birthday party, work team-building, a graduation, or even a wedding, we’re working to provide axe throwing near you.

Experience the thrill of axe throwing at lively local bars across Michigan! Warrior Throwing brings an adventurous twist to your regular hangout spots. Perfect for date nights, friend gatherings, or just a chance to try something different and exciting.

Raise the Bar: Bring Axe-Throwing Fun to Your Establishment!

Looking to offer more than just drinks? Partner with Warrior Throwing to bring the exciting sport of axe throwing to your bar. Attract an adventurous crowd, sell more drinks, and give your patrons another reason to keep coming back.

Our portable lanes will fit into any bar with 22x18ft of space and 10ft ceilings, and we’ll do all the work!

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Spice Up Events

Elevate your private event and try a new thrilling activity with our mobile axe throwing rental setups.

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Throw Away Stress

Let the axes serve as sharp stress balls, the feeling when it sticks into the target is truly therapeutic.

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Share The Thrill

Invite whoever you want at no added expense, it’s your event! We will provide the throwing lanes, axes, and top tier coaching.

Warrior Testimonials

Warrior Throwing was a blast! The variety of games available kept things interesting and I loved keeping score on our own group tablet. It’s a great place to experience something new and exciting. Definitely a top choice for a fun outing.

A happy man standing in front of a wooden target holding a throwing axe

Joey Purgatori

Our family had an incredible time with Warrior Throwing for a Saturday night adventure. The pop-up concept added a unique twist that would perfectly suit any party. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a 10/10 fun experience!

Victoria Rowe

Throwing axes with Warrior was an awesome experience. They not only taught us the best techniques but also how to do it safely, making the whole experience enjoyable. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling activity.

Jon Buckles

Frequently Asked Questions

Axe throwing is an exciting activity where participants throw axes at a wooden target, aiming to hit the bullseye or other specific scoring zones. Originating from ancient traditions, it has evolved into a modern recreational game and competitive sport. It combines skill, focus, and a bit of fun competition. You can learn more in our blog!

Safety is paramount at Warrior Throwing. When conducted in a controlled environment with strict adherence to safety guidelines, it is a safe and enjoyable activity. Participants receive thorough safety instructions and are supervised by trained professionals. Safety measures include proper handling of the axe, maintaining a clear throwing lane, and ensuring that the area around the target is secure.

Axe throwing’s simplicity and skill makes it shine. Participants throw an axe from a designated distance towards a wooden target marked with rings, each having different point values. The closer to the center (bullseye), the higher the points. The game can be played in various formats, like matches with a set number of throws or head-to-head competitions. It’s not about strength – technique and consistency are key.

Axe throwing is inclusive and can be enjoyed by most adults. Age restrictions usually apply (commonly 18 and above), and it’s ideal for group activities, team-building events, or individual challenges. It’s accessible to beginners and experienced throwers alike, and no prior experience is necessary.

Portable axe throwing brings the thrilling experience of axe throwing to your chosen location. It involves a mobile setup where targets and safety equipment are transported and installed at an event, party, or any suitable outdoor/indoor space. This flexibility allows more people to experience axe throwing at their convenience.

The essential equipment includes axes specifically designed for throwing, which are lighter and easier to handle than traditional axes. A wooden target, typically made from softwood for better axe grip, and safety enclosures are also necessary. Warrior Throwing provides all essentials at every location we service, including additional equipment like a scoring app and speakers for music!

No special prior training is required. Beginners are given a comprehensive tutorial covering basic techniques, safety rules, and tips for a successful throw. Our trained staff will guide you through your first throws and offer pointers to improve your technique, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience.

Booking a portable axe throwing experience is simple. Contact us through our website, phone, or email. We’ll discuss your event’s specifics, including location, number of participants, and any special requirements. We handle the logistics, setup, and provide all necessary equipment and staff.


$30 per person per hour

10% Discount for first responders, military, and veterans!

Any group with 11 or more people, please contact us for discounted pricing options.


$30 per person per hour

10% Discount for first responders, military, and veterans!

Any group with 11 or more people, please contact us for discounted pricing options.